dont u
B d00d


Lil Wayne channels Jimi Hendrix

See the video HERE

"Welcome to the war, John"

Because I seriously can't help it:


"If the culture teaches people to be materialistic, the culture will then find itself in the position of supplying everyone with materialistic needs and wants, and people's materialistic needs and wants cannot be satisfied. The only kind that can be satisfied is spiritual.

"If you turn people on to Spirit they can live together cheaply and economically for the common good... but if they're grouped together on a material sort of system then they'll fight over the dwindling supply. That's what I'm coming out to say is that we must be spiritual... that that's the only thing that is going to help man over this weird little atomic-chemical hump that we've got ourselves into."

Stephen, 1970

RE: prrty food

* Bringing you up to speed *

without a face

"lasagna cat"

whats up ? at night

i'm up. at night



* me (20)
* art (17)
* thx (14)
* magic (11)
* prrty food (8)
* internetz (7)
* LOL (6)
* music (5)
* space (5)
* poetry (3)
* wrrbit (3)

somehow i always come out on top

"pinch me"

pulll ur skin like taffy
when ur laughing /whin ur happy

i stole this picture, i'm sorry

"music for manifesting"

$$ made of tears


wanna watch me
wath my face ?
wid my widdle

rubbn n tubbn
my ears n my

i think we coud
learn together
if we cud just
sitt togetter

frr a minute

Party Food AllStarz

New work by ERic Schuster

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i am not trying to destroy you

i am not a monster of destruction
i am the longg arm
of de law

i didn not mean to hit you
when i hit you
with that broom

the message is clear
, wabbit:

stay OUTT of my roooom

there's nothing up there to see,
nothing to chew
if you believe they put a man on the moon
a man on the moon

i'll put yuu on the moon dood
ill putt u in teh moon-boots

maybe in outer spaces
someone will want
an asshole rabbit