hey, it's called "a light"
maybe you heard about it
yes, you should get one

"sell me, sell you"

it's all TOO MUCH

i am such a picky eater

it's coming


cover by

july 5th

Ass Above, So Below

Another preview from PartyFood All-Stars, due in July. This one comes from Eric Schuster, who just updated his page. Check the
"comics" section for more party food

toucan sam that

"After that, the smell of Froot Loops travels through the mirror to the land of Froot Scents, where the Froot Queen owns all fruity aromas. When she smells the Froot Loops, she declares it the best fruit scent and orders her guards (humans with fruit for heads) to capture the Froot Loops. The guards successfully stole the Froot Loops and broke the mirror in the process. Toucan Sam and his nephews fix the mirror, and Toucan Sam follows them inside, commenting on the land's wonderful and strange fruit, and takes back the Froot Loops from the Froot Queen. The Froot Queen orders her guards to capture Toucan Sam, but the confusion allows Toucan Sam to take some of the land's fruit, where kids decided through online voting that the new loop should be Cherry-Cherry. Toucan Sam then escaped and added the Cherry-Cherry to the cereal.

He even gave the new Froot Loops to the Froot Queen, whom after taking a bite, turned into a prrtty good queen and rewarded her guards with Cherry-Cherry loops."

tropical colors

greetings, from the udio

Saturday, JULY 5th at Midnight
Prrty Food 3: *sigh* Hard