Red Hot Blues

"How Do You Sleep" is like... the definition of BURN.

Do you think Jay-Z knew about this song
when he recorded "The Takeover?"

via Lil Ric's blog


someone will no doubt STEAL this idea from me and actually make this shirt.. if anyone ever sees this blog.

"The word 'Morphine' comes from the word 'Morpheus,' who is the god of dreams, and that kind appealed to us as a concept...I've heard there's a drug called 'morphine' but that's not where we're coming from...we were dreaming, Morpheus comes into our dreams...and we woke up and started this band...we're all wrapped up in these dream messages, and we were compelled to start this band."

Tonight there's gonna be a jailbreak:

Thanks Eric. matter WHO we elect.

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new comic

"Sleeps wit da Fishezzz"
by Eric. Story by Me.

my new favorite blog:

Ladie sand Gentle man, Party Ghost.

burn after reading


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