Now usually i don't do this, but, uh...

I'm gonna break em off with a little preview of the screenprint:

thanks to Andrea for these pics. See more of her work HERE.


Long live this blog. Coming back hard in late 08.

Thx Ric for the image. Keep it up.
And go see THIS movie.

...and fuck Shepard Fairey.
- Not for "borrowing," but for not paying his dues.

only in dreams

Sketches for new book. MarkSandman, Party Food.
from Ric.


Our picture gets smaller, above and below.

why have i been thinking so much about skateboarding lately?

maybe it has to do with all the really cool looking 12 year olds who seem to betaking over LA on their skateboards. I want to go back in time and be just like them. but then again I kind of was. i made this picture today.

I went to a sweet bookstore today and looked at this book by Deanna Templeton, called "YOUR LOGO HERE," which features several b/w photos of young girls on the beach in SoCal being covered in tags and stenciled logos.

Which brings us to...

french artist and skateboarder TILT.

part II

more Garfield cartoons HERE.