So for those who are wondering my laptop (and with it, all my prrtygoods) are back in the shop. So I'm still not showing you ANYTHING. In the meantime, enjoy this awesome image from Eric, for our upcoming "Pixel Food/Prison Food" project. And be sure to check out his new site.

Teez n Beeb

Feeling a little like Kanye today. I'M SO EXCITED I'M NEARLY BREAKING MY MAC BOOK AIR PPL!!!!!!! GIVE ME A BREAK!!
But seriously, I've got lots of good news on the way. For now, I'll just keep teasing you loyal readers by alluding to things that may or not be happening.

I'm back. Let's celebrate.

Lots and lots of pictures on the way. Maybe tomorrow. My hands have been very busy since the laptop broke.
And thanks to Ian for showing me this song, which is possibly the coolest song I've heard in years.