news! REAL news!


As of this weekend -- after months upon months of planning, promising, committing, and then chickening out -- I have finally set a date for the performing debut of (as-yet-untitled) PARTY PART 4. It's been almost a year and half since *sigh*HARD @ the Soap Factory and this will be the first time I've shared this project with anyone in Los Angeles, so I'm super-nervous... but relieved. The show will debut February 26th @ Synchronicity in East Hollywood ( They are good friends and great people and I couldn't imagine any better company for this journey forward.

This performance will be followed by my participation in a group show focusing on performance+video set for some time in March. The artists that have been selected are all doing very cool things and I'm honored to be a part of it. I will be performing some version of PARTY PART 4 and possibly an additional piece at this show. You can learn more about it here: Videos Collide in Real 3D Space

plate48In other, (maybe) unrelated news, I've finally had time to start working on new ideas and new projects as the elements of PARTY PART 4 come together. I was starting to worry that I didn't have any ideas NOT related to the symbolic implications of monsters, mermaids, and poop. Bleh. Anyway, I finally started on a project I've wanted to do for some time, which is a tribute to Max Ernst's Une Semaine De Bonte, a masterpiece of collage and surrealist storytelling. I am faithfully recreating each of the 200+ compositions using only the top results from specific keyword searches on Google Images. The results so far have been exciting! Check it out here and stay tuned for more...

Love you for reading this. -- J