Prizon Food

... to be Continued Soon ?

new monkeys

whatever that means

My Vaulting Heart

does shadow on the moon

THRONE Overboard

working on some new material. live musical sort-of-thing.


this piece that was made for PART 4, but never used:


On this occasion, there are a couple of things that we know
that we learned from Fact magazine
One: the king wears a king hat and lives in a king house
Two: your time will come, but tonight is our night
so you should give us all of your drugs
Three: we have a black president and you do not, so shut up
because you don't know shit about where I'm from
that you didn't get from your TV."

"POW POW" by LCD Soundsystem. and PARTY FOOD is headed to NYC


I'd say PARTY PART 7 was a big success. Like always, you have to learn from your mistakes. But this song about sums it up right now.


The 2nd wave of PARTY FOOD playing card decks (art direction by Eric Schuster) should be arriving in my mailbox today and ready to ship out.

Get them from the SITE or look for them at a store near you soon (I hope). Anyone who got their hands on the first wave is now the proud owner of a very limited edition item. I think 25-30 of the original pressing were made/sold/gifted. This second series includes better design, better printing, and a protective plastic case. Get yours now!!

Here's Ric, testing out some hand-painted designs on the slip-cases.

PARTY PART 7 is July 1st, 2010

@ Synchonicity Space, LA

2 B W U

New horizons / NO horizons ( no rules )

"For the first time in a long time, an extravagant smile
melted my cheeks and spread over my face."

- from The Ruined Map, by Kobo Abe

yes, i could do this forever


even with my head cut off

de-scramble this


return of the

turd mountain

get it?

sketch by Nathan Anderson

un beso

sólo para ti

the lost creation myth

all beginning
with that first one
the first pig digging in the ground
the clay climbing up between its toes

climb down from there
the other pigs would squeal
but he was that first pig
he would not be
pinks dissatisfaction

lets be clear about one thing
he was the first pig
so this is sort of a story of that

the first pig

that’s the poem’s title
that first pig or
or that story of, that first pig

from his now on
now on rocky vantage point
clay baked hard on his hooves
in the hot sun atop
the gorge
full pigs and pink bones
sensuous less
of hardened hide
jungle down there still screaming
come down from there
but piggy was made this way
first pink

despite all this time in the sun
his eyes had not adjusted
but it was time to leave the valley
it had been time
for some time
now he wondered where
this exile would take him
pig would have to wait for John
and the others

- by Nathan Anderson



... you couldn't stop kissing me.

*Also, I lost my cellphone in a swimming pool.


Katy, it was meant to be

Coincidence? I think not. CALL MEH

Top: PARTY FOOD 5, March 2010
Bottom: Katy Perry Live on MTV, June 2010


from Ric

Los Ojos

... they turn me.
film still


"on the desktop in my mind"
on the desktop in my mind

Turn to the left / turn to the right

This is how PARTY FOOD will take the fashion world by storm (or at least Rodeo Drive).
PARTY FOOD Mermaid T-shirt

Each mermaid shirt is hand-printed and embroidered on a carefully chosen thrift store shirt. Each piece is one-of-a-kind and can be yours for only THREE HUNDRED DOLLARRRRRRRS.

Contact me. More info here.

"... metaphorically speaking."

I am working on a new Waltar mask for my friend Austin.
He is going to take it to SDCC this year and help spread the word.


No Contest
The Doo-Over
Throne Overboard
There Will Be Butt
After the Gold Rush
Waiting to Expel

PARTY PART 7 (a straight-to-video adventure) will hopefully debut June 25th
@ Show Cave in Los Angeles. This will be for the Goat Helper, Volume 1 show.

/ so whatchu think of it?

mermaid queen

3 words

I think PARTY PART 7 should be called "After the Gold Rush."


PARTY PART 6: LAW & ORDER was a big success. One of my favorite shows yet.
Footage/pics coming soon. Here is a photo of my new shirt (hand-printed and embroidered by Raychel Steinbach) and also some process.


Raychel is making me a pretty sweet mermaid t-shirt.

Thunder v. Love

click the picture to download a new song-in-progress

I'm not the man they think I am back home

oh no no no

I'm a rocket man

no place like


Someone actually beat me to it...

accidents will happen

(Never) See It Coming

Mixed SignalsTM

there's always a siren singing you to shipwreck

(we are accidents waiting to happen)

sneak a peek

The Party Ghost is editing a video for my upcoming multimedia shirtless art-rock project.

Update: i just used it for PART 6 instead.

waiting for boys to call

videos collide

and shit gets fucked up


pardon the interruption

but I thought I could just walk into the middle of your life and somehow
become an important part of it

my mistake. my mistake. ima let you finish