"more fish"

another book preview. ALL STARZ volume 2. coming soon.

a short comic i wrote. drawn by Ric. he is the man

working days

get in the way as I'm thinking of you

someone to feed my

i got this

I. Up High
II. On the Side
III. the Other Side
IV. Down Low, (too slow)

gone fishin


book/zine preview
photo by Karolina

Baby Names

and bad puns
Party Part 4:
Party On, Mars / Close Encounters of the Turd Kind
Party Where the Sun Don't Shine
A Party in 4 Parts / A Farty in Poor Farts
The Sound of One Man Crapping
Every One Poop
Ass Above, So Below
Below the Belt / From the Waist Down
Yous Your Words / Alphabavomit / U R What U Eat
So Real You Can Feel it/ Surreal You Can Feel It
Power to the Party Food
...and the Arse You Rode in On
All Your Stupid Pigs Are Belong to Us

another crude post

Click here for a little preview

"According to Gary Wright, the song was inspired by literature on Hinduism and India, given to him by George Harrison."