the lost creation myth

all beginning
with that first one
the first pig digging in the ground
the clay climbing up between its toes

climb down from there
the other pigs would squeal
but he was that first pig
he would not be
pinks dissatisfaction

lets be clear about one thing
he was the first pig
so this is sort of a story of that

the first pig

that’s the poem’s title
that first pig or
or that story of, that first pig

from his now on
now on rocky vantage point
clay baked hard on his hooves
in the hot sun atop
the gorge
full pigs and pink bones
sensuous less
of hardened hide
jungle down there still screaming
come down from there
but piggy was made this way
first pink

despite all this time in the sun
his eyes had not adjusted
but it was time to leave the valley
it had been time
for some time
now he wondered where
this exile would take him
pig would have to wait for John
and the others

- by Nathan Anderson